Our Fleet

In addition to our commitment to service excellence, North Coast Trucking boasts a diverse and robust fleet, tailored to meet a wide range of hauling needs.

Our fleet includes Super Tags, Super Tens, Truck & Transfers, End Dumps, Semi Bottoms, and Ten Wheelers, each meticulously maintained and ready for action. This versatility allows us to provide targeted solutions for various projects, ensuring that no matter the job, we have the right equipment to execute it efficiently and effectively. Our investment in a diverse fleet underscores our promise to deliver unparalleled service in every aspect of our operations.

Trust Our Hauling Experts!

With decades of combined experience and a fleet ready for any challenge, we ensure your materials are in skilled hands. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

At North Coast Trucking, we pride ourselves on possessing a wide array of high-quality vehicles, each selected and maintained with great care to address the full spectrum of transport demands.

Our extensive fleet encompasses a variety of trucks including Super Tags, Super Tens, Truck & Transfers, End Dumps, Semi Bottoms, and Ten Wheelers. These vehicles are kept in prime condition, ensuring they are always ready to take on new challenges.


Super Tags


Super Tens


Trucks & Transfers


End Dumps


Semi Bottoms


Ten Wheelers


From Super Tags to ten wheelers, North Coast Trucking has the right equipment for any job!